Which Is Better For Diapers and Cloth Diapers | Details Resources

Which Is Better For Diapers and Cloth Diapers | Details Resources

A diaper with a buckle (urine dampness) is definitely one of the greatest inventions of this century. Every baby will say goodbye to the red PP, and each family will say goodbye to the national flag. The evaluations were Kao Marries, Moony, Kings E (GOO.N) and King Angel (GOO.N Premium), all of which are of size L and are produced in Japan. It will be tested in terms of appearance material, gas permeability, water absorption, and water absorption.

According to the information provided on the official website, it was found that the four types of diapers are actually similar in design. But how about it, if you are good, you still have to try it yourself.

1. Appearance

In appearance, the king Angel is the cleanest, and the other three are full of childlike fun.

2.Thickness and softness

It seems that King Angel and Anika are thinner, Kao is the thickest, and King Wang is in the middle. But a rough measurement, King Angel, Dewing Wei E, Younijia is about 9 mm, and Kao is about 11 mm. The feel of the King is the softest, and the other three are basically the same.


Poorly permeable diapers will produce a feeling of sultry, the baby will feel very uncomfortable, and it is easy to cause redness, inflammation, diaper rash, urethritis. We placed a container with boiling water under the diaper to evaluate the gas permeability by the rate of steam emission. The test results can only give you a range of feelings, not very precise.

The time next to it is the time when the steam fills the small glass container. Although Kao is slightly steamed for a long time, there is steam coming around the 17th second. 4 water absorption speed, otherwise the ass skin and urine contact time may cause damage to the skin; at the same time, it does not have to continually layer, can provide good comfort.

According to the data, infants in the month of June urinate 400 to 500 ml, and infants 500 to 600 ml. We decided to use 100ml of water to simulate baby urination and test the water absorption of the diaper. A household-type tooth washer is used in the simulation to simulate the pressure of the baby when urinating.

(The amount of water is greater than the single urine volume of the baby, and the pressure will be greater than when the baby is urinating.)After the napkin was placed and the “pressing” was unrelenting, neither Yuima nor King Angel had a watermark. Both Kao and Dawangwei E were slightly a little bit, but they had not reached the level of penetration.

5.Water Absorption

This time, 400ml of water was poured into the diaper. After two minutes, basically, everyone can keep the surface dry. But what if you keep adding water until you can’t absorb it? When Dawangwei E added 100ml of water for the first time, the absorption was obviously slowed down, and there was water accumulation on both sides.

After a while, the surface could be kept dry; After adding 200ml of water, Anika appeared to have water on both sides and could not keep the surface dry; After adding the 300ml water, Kao absorbed slowly and could not keep the surface dry; After adding the 400ml water, King Angel did not slow down the absorption, but could not keep the surface dry.

6.Velcro Repeats

Only sticky urine is not wet and does not stick to the skin as well. Repeated sticking will not lose the viscosity. The baby is very active, and it needs to be adjusted to the best position repeatedly when changing urine. In comparison, the four styles of Velcro are not much different, and they are still sticky after repeated dozens of times.

7.Waist stickers’ elasticity and width

The waist should be moderately elastic and the width should be slightly wider. The measurement results are as follows (waist stretching refers to stretching to non-stretchable, but not damaged): The overall evaluation of the four diapers in the Japanese overall performance is good, considering the price factor (converted from the price sold by Amazon in Japan) and the performance of the above diapers.

Unisia is a veritable king of cost-effectiveness, and King Angel is indeed the king of performance at a price, and Kao’s overall ratio is good. Although Dawangwei’s performance is not as outstanding as the other three, it is also Be worthy of your own price.

1. How do I choose a model that is not wet?

Although there is a weight range on the general diaper package, the model is selected. However, parents are advised to observe the baby’s waistline and thigh circumference. If there is a trace on the thigh, it is necessary to change the size of the diaper. Some parents like to give their baby cloth diaper, which is not good, and it is easy to cause side leakage.

If you need to stock up, it is recommended that more than M and L are not wet, and the time period for NB and S is relatively short.

2 Japan’s native Kao diaper also has a place of origin?

Japan’s native Kao has three production lines: Tokyo, Osaka, and Sakata. How to distinguish see the code on the bottom of the package, such as “U0730346”, U represents the earliest production line, Tokyo, Japan; if it is the beginning of E, it represents the second production line, Osaka, Japan; if it is the beginning of S, it means the new opening at the end of 2014. The production line, Japan’s Sakata County.

3. How to check the true and false diaper?

This… no one will.

Although we have seen folks circulate a variety of ways to look at packaging bags and ultraviolet light, there is certainly no accurate official anti-counterfeiting verification. However, the mothers of the baby will be more careful, so most of the supplies we will choose Haitao. (Don’t say baby supplies, clothes, shoes, household appliances, and even mattresses, all on the road to Haitao)

4. Where should I buy diapers?

There is no great advantage in the price of sea urinating. (Accounting for shipping and possibly taxed money, it may be a little more expensive than discounts for domestic e-commerce.) But the goods are real! In particular, Amazon and the mother plan, Japan’s Amazon’s Chinese store is still a bit of coupon from time to time, it is still cost-effective.

As for the shipping company of Haitao, whether it is the JS transshipment of the love blasting or the more balanced JC transshipment in the face of the professional and dedicated neon transport in Japan, the current EMS has a 50% discount. And the latest Japanese diaper tax package moms should not let go.

The neon transport is free and the weighing is more accurate. It is worth mentioning that the speed is the second day after the order is placed, and the second day after the payment is made, the EMS will receive the parcel the next day. Faster than human flesh! Urinary wet line, shipping costs are cheaper, and tax stickers.

Finally, I went back to the diaper. From the performance of these 4 diapers and the feelings we usually use, we recommend several combinations for your reference.

Local tyrant configuration:

You can choose Dawang Angel or Hua Wang Miao and Shu all day long. However, because King Angel is soft and soft, the baby will appear to be less obedient after crawling and other sports. Everyone can try the combination of the king and the angels at night.

Exquisite configuration:

You can choose Hua Wang Miao Shu or You Ni Jia throughout the day. You can also use the combination of Younijia or Dawangwei E during the day and spend the night with Wang Miao and Shu. This is better and more affordable.

Extremely cost-effective configuration:

You can use Dawangwei E during the day and a combination of Younijia at night. Japanese diapers performed very well. Among them, You Mejia, Hua Wang Miao, and Shoo and King Angel, do not have to worry about side leakage or baby PP discomfort during the night, and noisy in the middle of the night.

Although Dawangwei E is not as good as the other three in terms of water absorption, it also reaches 500ml (equivalent to a 6-month baby’s daily urine volume), which is also the quality choice.


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