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When do you opt for home renovation projects? You want to give your favorite dwelling space to get the best appearance and grace. Do you live in a small home? Then you can set aside a budget for the home renovation project. In this article, we have focused on home improvement in the form of home renovation and home automation.

Trends in Home Renovation

home renovation

Don’t you buy new dresses? Don’t you adapt to the recent fashion style? Yes? Then why not give the home a new look? To be honest, there are many Indians who want to give their homes a new makeover. If you think the budget for home renovation is high, opt for the home remodeling project.

So, What Are The Main Reasons For A Home Renovation Project?

As per home improvement experts in the world, home renovation projects are expected to touch two million houses in India by the end of 2019. Now, considering the major and minor type of projects in home renovation and home remodeling, civil contractors will be in high demand. The main reasons, you opt for home renovation projects are as follows –

• You can make your home more comfortable for every family member. Let us take a case study. If there are more than three senior persons in your household, they will face trouble going over to the restroom. If you have installed grab bars on the walls, they can grasp them for balance. This remodeling aspect makes them go mobile. They do not have to fear falls.

• Home renovation can also improve the functionality and aesthetics of every family member and home appliances.

• If you have normal air conditioners and washing machines among the home appliances, you can consider upgrading them to the recent smart models. The reason, you can give commands to these appliances to do various tasks.

If you have senior family members in the home, they can give commands to the ceiling fan to stop or switch on. The same goes on for the lights. In the case of home automation, the bathroom lights can switch on when they enter. They do not have to move around doing manual tasks with difficulty.

• You can also upgrade the air conditioning model to the smart model. Or else, you can buy a smart thermostat, which can alter the temperature of a room or your entire home based on the requirements and the outside weather.

• One of the most important structures of a home is the roof. The reason, it protects the insides of your home from the red-hot sun rays and the rainwater. Now, if the roof has suffered cracks if you find that the rainwater stays for a long time in some places, then it is time for repairs.

• Energy Use – In recent times, the general public all over the world are taking steps to conserve natural resources by various innovations. One among them is home automation. Let us imagine, you have installed smart bulbs in your home. Then they can automatically switch on when you enter the home.

Or get switched off if the house is vacant. If you are thinking of a home renovation project, ensure to renovate to a house that can withstand technology changes for the next 25 years.

• Is your area prone to burglaries and thefts? Then, in the home renovation project, you can install CCTV cameras. If you have installed a smart CCTV camera, you can get an alert or alarm in your mobile in case of intrusion.

• So, you may have to make changes to the electrical outlet system. You can employ the services of an electrician.

Who Are The Persons That Are Opting For Home Automation Projects?

This trend is commonly seen among the first time home buyers. And even the multinational builders who have apartment construction projects. For a first time home buyer, he/she wants to get the best appearance for his to be dwelling. He is not interested in the budget, but more focused on making the space the perfect fit for his family and loved ones.

Home Renovations and Smart Appliances

Home Renovation and Home Automation

As per an estimate, nearly 28 percent of the global population do want at least a smart appliance in their home. Many bachelors who own apartments make use of the virtual assistants like Alexa for listening to music and giving commands to smart appliances.

Among the homeowners who opt for smart systems and smart appliances, a majority of the buyers focus on washing machines, air conditioners than on security systems such as smart locks, smart lighting, and entertainment gadgets.

Even the Internet of Things has brought many positive changes in home renovation. The connection between appliances has become convenient due to the presence of smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

cctv with sensors


So these are some changes that can be brought by home renovation and home automation. But if you have opted for a home renovation project, you need to hire a civil contractor. To hire the best pro, you can download the app of companies which offer home repair services in your city.

You get to scan the profiles of reputed contractors and choose the best one as per your requirement and budget. By this way, you not only get to hire the best civil contractor in town but also get the best result for home renovation.

Artificial Intelligence Technology in Education Industry

If there is one factor which is permanent in the world, it is changing. In the good olden times, scientific innovations happened every century. Then, with the growing popularity of computers, it changed every decade. With the internet and mobiles, now technological improvements take place every year.

The entire world has gone digital, and the recent buzzwords are modern learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. Mention the word ‘artificial intelligence’ and this new technology has invaded every industry sector such as travel, health, education, and communication. But the best benefits have come in the global education system. In this article of Artificial Intelligence technology in the Education industry, we will focus on the benefits one by one.

  1. Changes Brought in Education by Artificial Intelligence

The major changes have come in administration, giving grades in learning assignments and assessments. Yes, the changes have happened. When a recent scientific innovation gets combined with existing learning processes, then the education systems will definitely go through revolutionary changes. But the growth is still in its nascent stage.

What are the changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence Technology in Education Industry?

An AI software application can help the teachers/educators in giving grades to students. It can evaluate the students test paper, check if every student has done mistakes on a specific topic and give an alert to the teacher. So, this action allows the difficult topic to get revised.

  1. Augmented Reality

Let us imagine a situation. A history topic is going on in the classroom, and the teacher explains the popularity of the Vijayanagara kingdom. When it comes to architecture, the students by using augmented reality can take a perfect view of temples and other historical places with practical knowledge.

Imagine the advantages a civil engineering student can have. He/she can put on the tool and get to know the measurements in an easy way.

  1. Learning

In recent times, you have to keep in tandem with the industry to get regular updates. So there are many executives who study via virtual learning in their spare time. Let us take a case study. You

work in a company specializing in in-home care services in Hyderabad. As an MBA graduate, you want to move high the career ladder. So you enroll in a reputed international university to do a Masters in Digital Marketing. You are given an online platform and have a tutor who takes classes. Any doubts, you have to enter in the forum. The answers will come to your email.

Now, a chatbot may give the answers to your simple queries. This is a perfect example of artificial intelligence technology in the education industry. The spare time, the tutor may spend in making the course more easy for the students.

  1. Individual Attention

There are some challenges in the education system. A student has to score the minimum marks in all subjects to move to the next class. But not all children are the same. One may be proficient in history but weak in mathematics. It is not that the specific student is weak in mathematics, but he has to know the concepts in a simple way.

Now, the teacher already overloaded with the number of students in the class has to take care of grades for the entire class. There are other tasks to do such as checking the assignments and many more. In this situation, the AI tool takes care of the assignment. There is also a special AI tool, which can break a mathematical problem into simple steps. Now, the same student can understand the concept with ease and score a high mark even in mathematics.

5. In Remote Regions

There are some places in India where it is difficult to find the best quality education institutes. The students from the region can, however, download the tutoring apps and then get to know the recent updates.

These apps use AI technology to give support as well information. This new innovative method has replaced the dependency of students on their teachers, parents, and institutes for guidance.


With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence technology in the education industry, scientists are on the lookout for identifying more possibilities to take advantage of the best benefits.

Machine learning and deep learning algorithms can make the best easy study techniques for complex topics in various subjects.

In recent times, every child has a laptop in the home. Two decades from now, every child may have an AI tool to help in learning subjects.

6 Benefits of Green Coffee Bean | Its Necessary For You

As well all know guys, that there are many supplements introduce in the market for weight loss or increase metabolism with the help of green coffee bean. Most of the readers don’t aware of the health benefits of green coffee beans but it is really high rich in nutrition. If you are confused to choose the best supplement for you then we will suggest you take start intake of green coffee bean except for any supplement.

People who added a green coffee bean in their daily routine use to be so energetic and fit, as green coffee bean not only property of high antioxidant but also it is rich in protein.

What is Green Coffee Bean?

Green coffee comes from unroasted coffee beans. In the process of roasting, the natural antioxidants present in the coffee beans are destroyed and then it is not at all beneficial for your health. This is the difference between coffee bean and green coffee bean, green coffee beans unroasted and contain highly beneficial nutrition for our overall health, these beans also contains components like caffeine and chlorogenic acids that both help in weight loss efforts.

Here are 6 Benefits of Green Coffee Bean:

#1 When we talk about the high rich nutrition you can get from Green coffee beans are antioxidants. The proper amount of Antioxidants in your body can help to reduce the damage from the harmful radicals in the body and help support overall health. It was proven from a study earlier that green coffee beans loaded with 100% pure Chlorogenic Acid, which is essential caffeic for our body.

Many experts and doctors suggest taking Green Coffee Bean because as we said it is full of antioxidant that plays an important role in either managing or preventing our body from not only some heart disease but cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

#2 Another best health benefit of Green Coffee Bean is that it enhances your metabolism, what is metabolism? It is our body strength. It means Green Coffee Bean gives you body strength that helps you in different ways like proper digestion and also reduces the fat level in your body.

Our metabolism rate must be high so it reduces the risk of affecting any viral disease as well. As we can see that some people get a fever or any infection time to time it is because of their low metabolism rate. If your metabolism rate is high then germs or viral cannot affect you so early. It was concluded that people who drink coffee have 16% more metabolism over the decaffeinated group (who don’t drink).

#3 Green coffees is also an awesome source of energy– The caffeine in green coffee helps you to feel more active and gives you energy for your day. If you cannot able to boost up yourself after running or any cardio then you must try Green Coffee bean, you’ll feel more energized. Also, it gives you mental strength to face all the things that you have to do for the day.

#4 Green Coffee Bean helps in normalizing Blood Sugar- As we mentioned that it is highly loaded with antioxidants and other healthful components, they can also help in maintaining your blood sugar level. It is full of caffeine that may reduce the level of glucose and it impacts as the lower the risk of diabetes.

People who are taking high-fat diet in their daily life they should use Green Coffee Bean. Because green coffee bean was able to reduce the negative effects of a high-fat diet, by reducing fat accumulation and insulin resistance.

#5 Green coffees are also the source of weight loss- It has caffeine that helps in fat loss and there are many supplements available with green coffee extract for weight loss. The logic behind this is Green coffee bean gives you Chlorogenic acid which helps in burning glucose and stored fat and converts them into energy.

So, with the use of Green coffee bean and regular exercises you can be able to reduce your weight naturally. Gym trainers or Nutrition expert also suggest their clients take coffee before starting their workout.

#6 Green Bean also has Anti-Aging Abilities- Chlorogenic acid and high level of antioxidants in green coffee beans help our human body to slow the effects of aging. As you grow older, wrinkles and fine lines start appearing on your face. Green Coffee Bean has fibrous protein collagen and elastin that help to give nourishment to your face skin and gives the skin elasticity for the appearance of more vibrant, younger looking skin.

Also because of UV rays from sunlight that harm our skin by generating the production of free radicals and which destroy the vital components of the skin, Green coffee beans help to rejuvenate it again.

Word Count Tool | How It Helps To Identify Word Count in Content

Word count refers to the length of a writing piece. It can be a sales letter, magazine article, blog post, story or a novel. The nature of work determines the word count. For instance, a book may have 80,000 words and 1000 words are sufficient for a blog or magazine article.

Word count is essential for the selection of readers. For instance, some people may not like a 100,000 words long novel, such as children or students. Children will like small stories. A massive look of a novel will automatically decrease its readers.

Word Count Tool | How It Helps To Identify Word Count in Content

On the other hand, a low or average word count will be suitable for several readers. It is necessary to target your audience, understand their taste and then decide word count for your story or article.

To track the number of words in an article without any trouble, you will need a free word count tool. You can use various tools to the word count of your written content. Character count tools are widely used by the writers to count texts in the content.

Importance of a Word Count Tool

Word count is necessary to determine the success of online content. Length of a writing piece can affect everything from SEO (search engine optimization) to the actions of an audience. Your target audience must find something valuable in your writing.

Academic writing often requires you to stick to a particular word limit. You may be penalized for exceeding the limits of words in your essay. Some institutes are really strict about word count.

To avoid problems, it is important to check the words of your work before submitting it. In this situation, a word count tool is necessary for you.

Word count tool offers you surprising results. Just put your text in the designated space or upload a file, this tool will instantly count words, characters, and sentences.

This tool is mainly designed to calculate the words of a longer document in a few minutes.

How does word count tool work?

Word count tool is easy for people who have to complete online assignments. It allows you to count the number of words in a document numerically. With this free tool, you can count words and characters.

This tool is useful for professional writers who have to write a blog or an article. Manual word counting is a hectic job, so make this work easy with the word count tool.

It can quickly check even a longer document and count its words within a few seconds. The tool includes other features, such as density of keywords, length of words and number of long words. These features will help you to improve your productivity.

How do you use a word count tool?

It is simple to use this tool. Just paste your text in the box or upload a file and hit “word counting or submit” options. This effective and updates tool will give you the result within a few seconds.

You will find out the number of words in each paragraph, number of paragraphs, number of characters, keywords, longer words, etc.

Fortunately, you can use this tool with your tablet, laptop or even mobile. This tool can increase your efficiency to meet the word requirements for documents and essays without downloading any app.

This tool is absolutely free. You can use without registration and sign up. Word count tool is an ideal way to count words in your text. It will help you to focus on the quality of your text.


How to Improve Your SEO Visibility Through Html Text & Codes Analysis

Code to text ratio means the proportion of real text in web pages. Spiders and search engines use this ratio for the calculation of the relevancy of each webpage.

A higher ratio increases the chances of good page ranking in SERPs. Maximum search engines are using this ratio in the index algorithm. With higher code to text ratio, you can get the advantage of on-site optimization.

How to Improve Your SEO Visibility

Code to Text Ratio Checker

A code to text ratio checker can extract text from paragraphs and anchor text from different HTML codes for the calculation of content ratio as per this information. You can use this tool to optimize your site. This tool is simple for everyone.

Just enter the URL of a web page, hit on “check” button. The system will process this checking request and show you results within a few seconds. You will get information of text size, code size, page size and code to text ratio.

Importance of Code to Text Ratio for SEO

Search engines compute the relevancy of a page with the help of this ratio. Every website has a particular amount of regular in front-end text and backend code. This ratio refers to the actual quantity of text on web pages in comparison with HTML code on the similar web page.

Ideal Code to Text Ratio

A good ratio may vary between 25 and 70 percent. This percentage signifies the visible ratio of text as compared to image tags, non-visible information, and HTML elements. The code to text ratio is an indirect ranking factor for popular search engines.

How code to text ratio effect SEO?

To make web pages readable, it is essential to pay attention to code to text ratio. It will make your website friendly for people. In this way, you can successfully build an impression that your site is designed for people instead of search engines.

Higher code to text ratio can enhance the experience of the user. The better experience is a prime factor for ranking as per search engines.

Fewer HTML codes show that your website is free from unwanted HTML elements. It can increase the loading speed of your web page that indicates a fantastic experience for the user. It is an essential factor to get higher ranking in search engines.

A high ratio of text and cleaner code makes it easy for search engine to index and crawl your site. If you want to optimize your website, you have to pay attention to the code to text ratio. Here are some important steps to follow:

  • Check validity of HTML codes
  • Remove useless codes
  • Remove extra white space
  • Avoid the use of excessive tabs
  • Avoid tables (you can use in the layout if necessary)
  • Remove comments in codes
  • Prefer CSS for formatting and styling
  • Change the size of images
  • Prefer the use of flash and JavaScript
  • Limit the size of a page under 300kb
  • Use internal links for the convenience of users while navigating your site
  • Use quality links
  • Remove hidden text
  • Add quality information for users

Choose the Best Code to Text Ratio Checker

You may find several tools to check HTML to text ratio, but you should choose a reliable tool like Pre Post SEO to get reliable results. With the help of this information, you can optimize your website in a better way.

With the use of this online tool, you can identify if you have massive code or text on your site. This information will allow you to take quick actions to rectify your code to text ratio on web pages. This tool is user-friendly so that everyone can get important details.

With the use of code to text ratio checker, you can compute the ratio of image tags or HTML code and visible text. Keep it in mind that a massive, dull and sluggish website can’t get sufficient traffic. Excessive HTML codes and image tags can impact the loading speed of a site.

A good site depends on the quality of content and its overall performance on the site. If a site is performing well with the quality content and the best code to text ratio, you will get high ranking on the SERPs.


Topnotch Perfumes To Buy This Summer | Check Out The List Here

We have complete a good list for you about Topnotch Perfumes To Buy This Summer Here.

Not only do the makeup trends change with every passing season, but the perfume scents change too. You might like wearing spicy scents during a cold winter evening but not during the summer time.

Summers are more about floral and fresh smells. It is more like, every changing season completely changes the way one lives.

Topnotch Perfumes To Buy This Summer

So if you know that summer is around the corner, then it is time for you to pack all your warm, spicy smelling perfumes which might have felt super cozy during winter time but not during the summers.

Pack all the pumpkin smelling things because now it’s time to take out all the refreshing scents. Not only is it the time to replace all the bakery smelling candles with the floral smelling ones, but it is also time for you to re-organize your perfume collection and keep it up to date according to the season.

Here are 5 of the best perfumes which are perfect for any time of the year but specifically for summer time. These perfumes are super affordable and people have raved about how amazing they are.

Also, many of the ingredients used in these are natural and free of any kind of toxins.

check also here health tips

5 Best Perfume For Summers | Topnotch Perfumes To Buy This Summer

Well, summer scents are known to be all floral, fresh and citrusy. While you take out all your light clothing and crop tops, don’t forget to take out your fresh smelling perfumes as well.

Numerous people seem to struggle with the selection of the ‘’right kind of perfumes’’ during the changing season. Well, here is a guide to help you through it.

1- Roots Source Bamboo for Women by Roots 50ml spray:

This perfume is known to have a super refreshing scent which is all flowery and floral. The scent of this perfume is enhanced by the lotus flower and it has hints of green apple and sparkling mandarin present in it.

The liquid is in green color. Once you apply the product, you feel a hint of vanilla in the product as well.

Moreover, it also has the presence of citrus fruits such as lemons which adds to the freshness of this perfume.

There are not irritating or harsh ingredients which might cause allergies to you rather, it has the petal extract which adds into the natural goodness.
You can grab this perfume here.

2- Root Source Red tea For Women by Roots:

This one is again by Roots and is made with ingredients different than those present in the typical perfumes. This one has a watermelonish smell into it. It also has hints of mango-ish smell into it and yes, let’s not skip the red tea leaf which is also added into the bottle. It has extracts of a number of different oils. The strawberry flower makes the perfume worth loving.

You can wear it during any time of the day. It is super durable and will last for a good amount of time. Moreover, it is perfect for any kind of events. It does not cause any kind of irritability as it is made with a majority of natural ingredients.

3- Lady Stetson Perfume for Women by Coty:

This perfume has a very delicate smell. It feels super gentle once you apply it yet remains luxurious. It has a blend of two most liked flowers, roses, and jasmines.

Moreover, it also has the presence of oakmoss and sandalwood. This perfume is preferred especially for indoor events where people do not prefer wearing something super heavy to feel that they have worn too much.

As this product is delicate, it makes sure to provide you with all the support during your different summer parties and for your dinners too.
Once you sniff it, you’ll feel like it is summer packed in one bottle.

4- Jovan Musk For Women Cologne Spray by Coty:

The perfume has a great power to attract anyone who passes by and this perfume, for sure has been enchanted with the ability to provide you a kind of scent which is natural, floral and feelings like the summer breeze.

The typical scent which you would want to wear during your summers when you go to the beach. It is from the musk range so it surely has a delicate hint of musk along with the different flower extracts.

Summers are all about the different scents which make you feel cool and refreshed and this perfume has all the abilities to do that. Coming to the packaging, it is definitely one perfect perfume as the packaging is slim and compact and not bulky but long so, you get a good amount of product with a travel-friendly packaging.

5- Baby Phat Golden Goddess Perfume for Women by Kimora Lee Simmons:

Last, but by no means least is the Golden Goddess perfume.
Well, first, let’s just appreciate the packaging. It is a super luxurious packaging which will look amazing in your vanity.

Not only do we get a good amount of product, but the packaging is so sleek and cute, that it is perfect to pop into the handbag and to be taken wherever one wants.

Coming to the scent of this perfume, as the name suggests, it is definitely a perfect one. However, the scent of this is not confined to summers only.

It has the presence of spices but also the presence of all the summery things such as flower extracts, vanilla flower, orchid, lilac, musk and even dark chocolate. So it mixes all the summer and winter ingredients to serve as a dual purpose perfume. The scent of this smell is super seductive.

This range was launched around the year 2006 and it has been a top favorite ever since as people have been loving this for so many reasons. People have complimented it and said that it has hints of champagney scent and also, vanilla kind of smell to it.

People have called this perfume to be an absolute favorite and have said that they will definitely re-stock it because of how amazing it is.

So from bottle to scent, the perfume is a perfect 10/10.