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During the 10-year journey, the question that people ask the most is “Is there an affair?” This topic involves people who are still alive and can’t write for a while.

The second question asked is, “How is money earned?”

I don’t understand why I would think of asking me this.

One time in Kolkata, I took a sunset on a bridge and was caught by the police. “No photo taking,” he said. It is not necessary to delete photos. It must be fined and brought back to the police booth.

There was a police officer sitting in the police booth. I showed off the sandals with broken toes. Then I showed him my faded backpack. The chains were broken. I tied them in a plastic bag and used them together.

“Go,” the police officer waved his hand impatiently, then glanced at the subordinate who brought me back, his eyes with anger, probably: “Why do you bring such a person back, do you think he is like a rich man?” ”

Maybe, in the eyes of everyone, it’s a miracle that I’ve been doing this for so many years.

I often do it, but not because I am lazy, I have tried a lot of things.

For example, I worked in the financial industry in Tanzania and Singapore, went to Africa to sell mobile phones, went to Qinghai to sell the belts, put a stall in Yunnan, wrote love letters, sold postcards and toys, and I went to Tibet to repair the road and work. Later, I also sold wine, opened hotels, built houses, and got travel companies. All the way down, there were a lot of tricks.

After shaking for a few years, I finally found a slightly stable source: writing, taking pictures, eating and eating.

Fortunately, in the early years, I learned the “three-piece set of poor travel” for hitchhiking, camping, and picnic, and I was helped by friends. I could sleep on the sofa from time to time. I had a good time and didn’t spend much. I just lived so hard. Come down.

Think again, although I have no success stories, but I have a lot of friends (unilaterally certified), write their stories, don’t be too rich, so I use the pen.

1. The easiest thing to think about is to be a freelancer.

For example, writing, taking pictures, drawing, designing, programming, etc., is any kind of skill that can run and run.

  • Let me first say that I am familiar with writing.

There are many kinds of income for writing, including magazines, newspapers, websites, self-media, soft-text, advertising, appreciation, etc.

Let’s talk about magazines and newspapers. In all fairness, for ordinary hard-working authors of ordinary talents, it is difficult to make a living by writing a magazine draft.

As far as I know, the text of a magazine is about a thousand or so, and two or three thousand. The text is between three hundred and seven hundred words. The picture looks at the size and channel, and one to several hundred to several hundred. You can also check our comprehensive post on how to earn money online in India while sitting at home or traveling.

2. Commercial shooting, the best combination is the traveling shot.

In Colombia, I also met a photographer who originally made photography for the TV station, then resigned and traveled. The way to make a living is to take a beautiful photo of the hotel or restaurant and see that it is a good job, anyway, better than me.

Now the video is also very hot. It is said that it is the trend of the times so that the camel who writes the novel will give us a voice. “The text is out of date, no one has seen it.” I don’t understand. I have a video website that I once asked me to interview a gangster musician in Salvador. It is said that the reward is quite high. I was in the Spanish language at the time. Secondly, the city of Salvador was not quite flat and then ran to the gangster site. If I have a little hair in my heart, my hair is not good.

3. Draw a picture, paint a wall in a restaurant or hotel, draw a portrait on the street, or sell a hand-painted postcard and the surrounding.

For example, my buddy Pankaj kamariya, who sells watercolor hand-painted postcards, is known as the “People’s Road One Scene”. Of course, it is not that he looks handsome, he just picks up the goods, there is nothing to look at, but the evil door is his booth. Before the beauty is always surrounded, the endless stream, “Oh, this is a good look”, “Where are you looking good”, we are so sly.

He will live better than us, don’t want money, but also manage the rice, because he is painting the wall for the hotel, this bastard, I hate him, but there is no way, I can’t even draw straight lines, let alone I only painted elephants.


4. Street art, such as playing, magic, juggling, dancing, DJ, organizing activities.

Playing, juggling will not be said, the routine operation of street art.

If you are interested in this case, it is recommended to study in Europe. The culture of street art is good, people are willing to tip, and the good market attracts masters from all over the world, like juggling, even if it is a similar skill, but will not speak, the tip received is very different.

5) Design, programming, and encountering a lot of backpackers who make a living from this trip. I don’t know much about it, so I won’t worry about it. A programmer buddy recommended these two sites: Freelancer and Upwork.

6) A buddy got a “digital nomadic tribe” (the public name is also the name), which is said to be “someone who earns first-world income through the Internet, but chooses to live in the price level of those developing countries,” and In order to get rid of the nine-to-five, office block and annoying commuting, you can still find out if you are confused or interested. He also gets sloshing through paid communities, online English courses, and investment. The income of.

2 working, volunteers

1. There are two methods, one is simple, first find and then go out.

The commonly used websites are the help and workaday. It is ok to pay tens of euros for an annual fee. There are many job opportunities, from hotels, farms, coffee gardens to teaching, surfing, circus, and so on.

Woof is mainly farm work. If you want to swim in a place, you can try House carers to help others see empty houses, watering flowers and dogs.

At the school, you can consider Arese, the international internship platform for students. When you went to Africa in the same year, you passed aisle. After half a year, half of the internship made money, and half of the waves, it was the beginning of the journey.

Those under the age of 30 may also consider going to work in Australia or New Zealand for a holiday, with a special one-year visa.

An Argentine buddy and his girlfriend, spent 3,000 US dollars to buy a second-hand small car, while playing and working when they went to save more than 10,000 US dollars around the world, and then sold the car, sold for 3,200 dollars.

However, it is necessary to consider the visa, such as a sister who went to school in Canada, took a ten-year tourist visa, applied for a US farm volunteer, and told him honestly when he entered the customs, then he was deported and the visa was canceled. “Mom, Laozi Never go to the United States again,” she hated.

2. The other is to look at luck, to a place, like it, or no money, to reproduce and find a job.

This has requirements for skills, such as playing music, mixing skills, surfing, diving, and other hard skills, or “mother, Laozi used to sell MLM, smile sweet, clever tongue.” If you don’t have it, you can find some physical strength if you can work hard.

For example, I have done road construction, in Tibet, Ali, 5200 meters above sea level.

It was summer, just took a tanker truck and went to a construction site. The dialogue at the beginning was, “Boss, are you recruiting?” “Are you a

college student?” He looked at me with glasses, “Yes. “What do you learn?” “Finance”, “What are you doing?” “Young, good physical strength,” “that is so wide, moving the stone.”

The treatment is good, two hundred a day, take care of the tube, and the nearest village is 70 kilometers away, the money cannot be spent. I have to overcome some problems, such as the altitude is too high, the sun is too fierce, the wind is fierce and often snow, no bath, no toilet, 105 men and 3 women, are also aunts to cook. The only entertainment is drinking, gambling, watching pornography, but often working overtime, once a shift to 10 o’clock in the evening, there is no time to entertain, so the relationship is not big.

3. famous.

Known, everything is easy to handle.

Net red transformation to do the show, with high-end custom group, or open the inn, get the company, an advertisement of 30,000, the valuation is over 100 million, I have been popularized by these two brothers before these legends, the conclusion is – I am a lonely bandit, so I won’t say more.

On the way, I met a buddy, handsome, and people are also good. I used to do public relations and had a good relationship with the media. I spent two years traveling around the world, getting a big size, going to TV, picking up advertisements, according to a friend. It’s over a million. However, I didn’t bother to ask him for proof, because he always drove his plane to drive a luxury car. In order to protect his vision, I had already shielded his circle of friends.

There is also a Russian buddy who is camping in Africa. His method is to take a documentary about travel. I started with a go pro, and later led a documentary company’s cooperation, sponsored his camera and hard drive, edited it, sold it to the TV station, and then divided it. Later, he came to Shanghai as a model.


it’s not necessary to be jealous. Fame has its own price. It also needs to be able to sing and dance. Even if it is just good-looking, it is also a scarce endowment.

Being a traffic star is sometimes an unfortunate thing, Kevin Kelly wrote, “If you want to be a self-sufficient craftsman, photographer, musician, designer, writer, animator, APP development. If you are an entrepreneur or an inventor, then you only need 1000 iron powders. With these iron powders, you don’t have to be rich and expensive, at least you will be well-fed” Please read “1000 Iron Powder” or “Long Tail Theory” by yourself.

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