How to Maintain Efficiency of Used Forklifts

How to Maintain Efficiency of Used Forklifts

In the material handling business, efficiency is everything. The point of difference for so many businesses is how well and how quickly they can move material. Achieving optimal efficiency is not only good for business but also helps to maintain the safety of the crew.

The more smoothly tasks are accomplished; the better chances there are of avoiding accidents. Another reason why efficiency is so fervently sought after is cost reduction. As experts would tell you, reducing costs is essential in sustaining a long term business. This holds true for the material handling industry as much as for any other as well.

Since forklifts are the backbone of any material handling business, so maintenance of their efficiency is essential. However, things might get a little complex when certain factors are taken into consideration. For example, boosting efficiency sometimes means incurring more costs. Yet, for small and medium-sized businesses, incurring more costs is not a viable option. As such, they turn to the only other option available i.e.

purchasing used forklift trucks for sale. They then work towards achieving optimal efficiency with these pre-owned forklifts to find the right balance between cost reduction and efficiency.

However, that is easier said than done. The drawback of used forklifts is that even though they cost less, they offer less as well. Since they have been in use longer, their performance suffers. As such, they require more attention than newer forklifts. But this is not to say, that they cannot achieve the same level of efficiency as newer forklifts.

In fact, proper maintenance of used forklifts can often time be more rewarding. Since you attain better results with lesser investment and that makes the business boom.

Most fleet managers are left scratching their heads as how to best maintain and achieve optimal efficiency with used forklifts. Fortunately, there are a few ways to do just that and we shall be reviewing them briefly in the article to follow. So let us take a look at some of the ways you can maintain the efficiency for your used forklift fleet.

Maintain Fuel Efficiency

The fuel your used forklift uses depends on the class of forklift it is. There are usually two types of engines used in a forklift; electric and diesel. In the case of diesel, you need to be more cautious. Putting in the right kind of fuel, checking the tire pressures, maintaining the hydraulic fluid level and other such activities are essential. All of them contribute to maintaining good fuel efficiency.

Of course, some pre-owned forklifts are easier to maintain than others. This is because they have been maintained well by their previous owner and you can get more out of them. The best chances of finding such a forklift, however, are with reliable retailers such as Truck Forklifts. These sorts of retailers are familiar with what to look for and how. As such, you end up getting a better deal.

Try Recycling Parts

Recycling old parts is an ideal way of maintaining efficiency in used forklifts. Not only does using recycled parts cost you less in the long term, but is also eco-friendly. In the 21st century, being just that is always a bonus. Recycling parts, therefore, is an ideal way of maintaining efficiency in used forklifts without increasing costs significantly.

Lean Towards Electric

The future is all digital and electric. This is good news for material handling businesses since it means they can work more efficiently. The electric engine powered forklifts are both more economical and environmentally friendly, not to mention safe as well. This makes them the perfect option for being used as used forklift engines. It will, in fact, end up taking away from significant maintenance costs and boost overall efficiency.

Fleet Management Software

This is applicable for both, used and new types of forklifts. As mentioned above, the future is digital and therefore you would do well to develop with it. Management software is now very commonplace in modern businesses. Whether it is in FMCG goods or material handling equipment, management software makes life easier.

In the case of used forklifts, you could employ this software to keep track of their condition and by extension, their efficiency. Used forklift trucks are prone to quicker wear and tear than newer ones. This makes their efficiency suffer and incur extra costs.

Yet fleet management software is able to prevent that by logging usage frequency of various appliances and parts. This ultimately makes it easier to keep track of the productivity of used forklifts and replenish them until they are ready for retirement.

These were just some of the ways that you could maintain the efficiency of your used forklift. Be sure to seek expert advice before you do dive into the world of pre-owned forklifts and make sure you are ready to face it head-on.

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