How to Improve Your SEO Visibility Through Html Text & Codes Analysis

Code to text ratio means the proportion of real text in web pages. Spiders and search engines use this ratio for the calculation of the relevancy of each webpage.

A higher ratio increases the chances of good page ranking in SERPs. Maximum search engines are using this ratio in the index algorithm. With higher code to text ratio, you can get the advantage of on-site optimization.

How to Improve Your SEO Visibility

Code to Text Ratio Checker

A code to text ratio checker can extract text from paragraphs and anchor text from different HTML codes for the calculation of content ratio as per this information. You can use this tool to optimize your site. This tool is simple for everyone.

Just enter the URL of a web page, hit on “check” button. The system will process this checking request and show you results within a few seconds. You will get information of text size, code size, page size and code to text ratio.

Importance of Code to Text Ratio for SEO

Search engines compute the relevancy of a page with the help of this ratio. Every website has a particular amount of regular in front-end text and backend code. This ratio refers to the actual quantity of text on web pages in comparison with HTML code on the similar web page.

Ideal Code to Text Ratio

A good ratio may vary between 25 and 70 percent. This percentage signifies the visible ratio of text as compared to image tags, non-visible information, and HTML elements. The code to text ratio is an indirect ranking factor for popular search engines.

How code to text ratio effect SEO?

To make web pages readable, it is essential to pay attention to code to text ratio. It will make your website friendly for people. In this way, you can successfully build an impression that your site is designed for people instead of search engines.

Higher code to text ratio can enhance the experience of the user. The better experience is a prime factor for ranking as per search engines.

Fewer HTML codes show that your website is free from unwanted HTML elements. It can increase the loading speed of your web page that indicates a fantastic experience for the user. It is an essential factor to get higher ranking in search engines.

A high ratio of text and cleaner code makes it easy for search engine to index and crawl your site. If you want to optimize your website, you have to pay attention to the code to text ratio. Here are some important steps to follow:

  • Check validity of HTML codes
  • Remove useless codes
  • Remove extra white space
  • Avoid the use of excessive tabs
  • Avoid tables (you can use in the layout if necessary)
  • Remove comments in codes
  • Prefer CSS for formatting and styling
  • Change the size of images
  • Prefer the use of flash and JavaScript
  • Limit the size of a page under 300kb
  • Use internal links for the convenience of users while navigating your site
  • Use quality links
  • Remove hidden text
  • Add quality information for users

Choose the Best Code to Text Ratio Checker

You may find several tools to check HTML to text ratio, but you should choose a reliable tool like Pre Post SEO to get reliable results. With the help of this information, you can optimize your website in a better way.

With the use of this online tool, you can identify if you have massive code or text on your site. This information will allow you to take quick actions to rectify your code to text ratio on web pages. This tool is user-friendly so that everyone can get important details.

With the use of code to text ratio checker, you can compute the ratio of image tags or HTML code and visible text. Keep it in mind that a massive, dull and sluggish website can’t get sufficient traffic. Excessive HTML codes and image tags can impact the loading speed of a site.

A good site depends on the quality of content and its overall performance on the site. If a site is performing well with the quality content and the best code to text ratio, you will get high ranking on the SERPs.


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