How Choose Fish For Your Freshwater Aquarium | Details Resources

How Choose Fish For Your Freshwater Aquarium | Details Resources

Your aquarium is all set up and ready. Great job, you’re halfway there! Or are you simply ready to set one up and are all psyched about it? Go on, get your aquarium ready, and then, of course, don’t forget that it will only be complete once you have a little school of happy swimming fish in there. we have included here best process to How to choose fish for your Freshwater aquarium

At this point, you need to think carefully about the kind of fish you want. You may want the playful kind that is a thrill to watch any time, or you may want the quiet ones that are usually relaxed and move around quietly whiling away the time and then occasionally do something really cool.

Maybe it’s the colorful kind you want – who doesn’t want to see a fish tank full of bright colored, happy fish anyway? Small size aquarium is easy to make colorful as compared to large size tank but the large tank has its own power look. Whatever you decide on, you’re going to have to go out and look for them anyway.


There are so many different kinds of fish that it becomes hard to choose – I’m sure you may have watched one of those nature documentaries that show you so many different kinds of fish that your thinking short of a stingray or a shark, wouldn’t they all look great in an aquarium in your house!

To narrow down your choices you need to consider a couple of things:

You want to be able to look after them easily.
You want fish that don’t die easily because of a change in the environment – after all your new aquarium will be a whole different ball game for them.
You don’t want fish that can feed on other fish in the same tank.

So where do you start?

Go to your local fish store – trust me they have more than just goldfish in there, it may be that you have just never had a closer look. Other than just the fish, there are experts in that fish store who know lots about freshwater fish. And they can tell you how you can combine different kinds of fish in your aquarium that can co-exist peacefully. Of course, you’ll need to go in armed with some kind of knowledge yourself.

You’ll want to know:

What kinds of fish thrive in a freshwater aquarium?
What do they eat and do they forage at the top or at the bottom of the tank?
What’s the best water for them? Alkaline or acidic?
Do they like lots of underwater plants? Coral, where they can hide away? Darkness sometimes?
How much space do they need? Some fish are solitaries and like to be sort of by themselves, while others are merry and happy when there’s a whole host of other fish next to them.

These kinds of questions are narrowing it down for you –as you go down the list, you’ll end up settling on species. The best approach is to take this checklist with you, go to the store, and get a list of the kinds of fish they have and then go home and check the 2 lists against each other.

Are you Looking to Mix Fish Species in Your Fresh Water Fish Aquarium?

Are you into a mixed grill kind of aquarium? You need to be careful here – think about fish that eat others; you don’t want to get home and find one happily satisfied fish that ate all the rest. Some may not even eat the others, but they know how to get to the food faster – they eat from the top while the rest tend to eat from the bottom. Fish food will tend to float and the aggressive ones will get to it first leaving nothing for the others. One solution to this may be to ask at the fish store for two kinds of fish food – one that floats and one that sinks. That way, everyone is well-fed.

Males are territorial – you don’t want them in the same tank because they’ll end up biting and fighting. Also, if you put a couple of males with many females, the males will end up fighting for the females – quite like real humans! It’s definitely a delicate balancing act.

We all have great ideas and love grand things, but go for the less exotic fish – they are exotic because they exhibit characteristics that you would not find in ordinary freshwater aquarium fish – there’ll be an accident waiting to happen to the rest of your more polite fish.

Bottom line – a great hobby, a great decision and definitely a dash of excitement in your home, but it’s not as straightforward as all that. Like most things, if you want it to turn out really well, do your homework and make sure you know your breeds and their feeding habits and peculiarities!

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