How To Make Money While Traveling | Effective Process

During the 10-year journey, the question that people ask the most is “Is there an affair?” This topic involves people who are still alive and can’t write for a while.

The second question asked is, “How is money earned?”

I don’t understand why I would think of asking me this.

One time in Kolkata, I took a sunset on a bridge and was caught by the police. “No photo taking,” he said. It is not necessary to delete photos. It must be fined and brought back to the police booth.

There was a police officer sitting in the police booth. I showed off the sandals with broken toes. Then I showed him my faded backpack. The chains were broken. I tied them in a plastic bag and used them together.

“Go,” the police officer waved his hand impatiently, then glanced at the subordinate who brought me back, his eyes with anger, probably: “Why do you bring such a person back, do you think he is like a rich man?” ”

Maybe, in the eyes of everyone, it’s a miracle that I’ve been doing this for so many years.

I often do it, but not because I am lazy, I have tried a lot of things.

For example, I worked in the financial industry in Tanzania and Singapore, went to Africa to sell mobile phones, went to Qinghai to sell the belts, put a stall in Yunnan, wrote love letters, sold postcards and toys, and I went to Tibet to repair the road and work. Later, I also sold wine, opened hotels, built houses, and got travel companies. All the way down, there were a lot of tricks.

After shaking for a few years, I finally found a slightly stable source: writing, taking pictures, eating and eating.

Fortunately, in the early years, I learned the “three-piece set of poor travel” for hitchhiking, camping, and picnic, and I was helped by friends. I could sleep on the sofa from time to time. I had a good time and didn’t spend much. I just lived so hard. Come down.

Think again, although I have no success stories, but I have a lot of friends (unilaterally certified), write their stories, don’t be too rich, so I use the pen.

1. The easiest thing to think about is to be a freelancer.

For example, writing, taking pictures, drawing, designing, programming, etc., is any kind of skill that can run and run.

  • Let me first say that I am familiar with writing.

There are many kinds of income for writing, including magazines, newspapers, websites, self-media, soft-text, advertising, appreciation, etc.

Let’s talk about magazines and newspapers. In all fairness, for ordinary hard-working authors of ordinary talents, it is difficult to make a living by writing a magazine draft.

As far as I know, the text of a magazine is about a thousand or so, and two or three thousand. The text is between three hundred and seven hundred words. The picture looks at the size and channel, and one to several hundred to several hundred. You can also check our comprehensive post on how to earn money online in India while sitting at home or traveling.

2. Commercial shooting, the best combination is the traveling shot.

In Colombia, I also met a photographer who originally made photography for the TV station, then resigned and traveled. The way to make a living is to take a beautiful photo of the hotel or restaurant and see that it is a good job, anyway, better than me.

Now the video is also very hot. It is said that it is the trend of the times so that the camel who writes the novel will give us a voice. “The text is out of date, no one has seen it.” I don’t understand. I have a video website that I once asked me to interview a gangster musician in Salvador. It is said that the reward is quite high. I was in the Spanish language at the time. Secondly, the city of Salvador was not quite flat and then ran to the gangster site. If I have a little hair in my heart, my hair is not good.

3. Draw a picture, paint a wall in a restaurant or hotel, draw a portrait on the street, or sell a hand-painted postcard and the surrounding.

For example, my buddy Pankaj kamariya, who sells watercolor hand-painted postcards, is known as the “People’s Road One Scene”. Of course, it is not that he looks handsome, he just picks up the goods, there is nothing to look at, but the evil door is his booth. Before the beauty is always surrounded, the endless stream, “Oh, this is a good look”, “Where are you looking good”, we are so sly.

He will live better than us, don’t want money, but also manage the rice, because he is painting the wall for the hotel, this bastard, I hate him, but there is no way, I can’t even draw straight lines, let alone I only painted elephants.


4. Street art, such as playing, magic, juggling, dancing, DJ, organizing activities.

Playing, juggling will not be said, the routine operation of street art.

If you are interested in this case, it is recommended to study in Europe. The culture of street art is good, people are willing to tip, and the good market attracts masters from all over the world, like juggling, even if it is a similar skill, but will not speak, the tip received is very different.

5) Design, programming, and encountering a lot of backpackers who make a living from this trip. I don’t know much about it, so I won’t worry about it. A programmer buddy recommended these two sites: Freelancer and Upwork.

6) A buddy got a “digital nomadic tribe” (the public name is also the name), which is said to be “someone who earns first-world income through the Internet, but chooses to live in the price level of those developing countries,” and In order to get rid of the nine-to-five, office block and annoying commuting, you can still find out if you are confused or interested. He also gets sloshing through paid communities, online English courses, and investment. The income of.

2 working, volunteers

1. There are two methods, one is simple, first find and then go out.

The commonly used websites are the help and workaday. It is ok to pay tens of euros for an annual fee. There are many job opportunities, from hotels, farms, coffee gardens to teaching, surfing, circus, and so on.

Woof is mainly farm work. If you want to swim in a place, you can try House carers to help others see empty houses, watering flowers and dogs.

At the school, you can consider Arese, the international internship platform for students. When you went to Africa in the same year, you passed aisle. After half a year, half of the internship made money, and half of the waves, it was the beginning of the journey.

Those under the age of 30 may also consider going to work in Australia or New Zealand for a holiday, with a special one-year visa.

An Argentine buddy and his girlfriend, spent 3,000 US dollars to buy a second-hand small car, while playing and working when they went to save more than 10,000 US dollars around the world, and then sold the car, sold for 3,200 dollars.

However, it is necessary to consider the visa, such as a sister who went to school in Canada, took a ten-year tourist visa, applied for a US farm volunteer, and told him honestly when he entered the customs, then he was deported and the visa was canceled. “Mom, Laozi Never go to the United States again,” she hated.

2. The other is to look at luck, to a place, like it, or no money, to reproduce and find a job.

This has requirements for skills, such as playing music, mixing skills, surfing, diving, and other hard skills, or “mother, Laozi used to sell MLM, smile sweet, clever tongue.” If you don’t have it, you can find some physical strength if you can work hard.

For example, I have done road construction, in Tibet, Ali, 5200 meters above sea level.

It was summer, just took a tanker truck and went to a construction site. The dialogue at the beginning was, “Boss, are you recruiting?” “Are you a

college student?” He looked at me with glasses, “Yes. “What do you learn?” “Finance”, “What are you doing?” “Young, good physical strength,” “that is so wide, moving the stone.”

The treatment is good, two hundred a day, take care of the tube, and the nearest village is 70 kilometers away, the money cannot be spent. I have to overcome some problems, such as the altitude is too high, the sun is too fierce, the wind is fierce and often snow, no bath, no toilet, 105 men and 3 women, are also aunts to cook. The only entertainment is drinking, gambling, watching pornography, but often working overtime, once a shift to 10 o’clock in the evening, there is no time to entertain, so the relationship is not big.

3. famous.

Known, everything is easy to handle.

Net red transformation to do the show, with high-end custom group, or open the inn, get the company, an advertisement of 30,000, the valuation is over 100 million, I have been popularized by these two brothers before these legends, the conclusion is – I am a lonely bandit, so I won’t say more.

On the way, I met a buddy, handsome, and people are also good. I used to do public relations and had a good relationship with the media. I spent two years traveling around the world, getting a big size, going to TV, picking up advertisements, according to a friend. It’s over a million. However, I didn’t bother to ask him for proof, because he always drove his plane to drive a luxury car. In order to protect his vision, I had already shielded his circle of friends.

There is also a Russian buddy who is camping in Africa. His method is to take a documentary about travel. I started with a go pro, and later led a documentary company’s cooperation, sponsored his camera and hard drive, edited it, sold it to the TV station, and then divided it. Later, he came to Shanghai as a model.


it’s not necessary to be jealous. Fame has its own price. It also needs to be able to sing and dance. Even if it is just good-looking, it is also a scarce endowment.

Being a traffic star is sometimes an unfortunate thing, Kevin Kelly wrote, “If you want to be a self-sufficient craftsman, photographer, musician, designer, writer, animator, APP development. If you are an entrepreneur or an inventor, then you only need 1000 iron powders. With these iron powders, you don’t have to be rich and expensive, at least you will be well-fed” Please read “1000 Iron Powder” or “Long Tail Theory” by yourself.

Word Count Tool | How It Helps To Identify Word Count in Content

Word count refers to the length of a writing piece. It can be a sales letter, magazine article, blog post, story or a novel. The nature of work determines the word count. For instance, a book may have 80,000 words and 1000 words are sufficient for a blog or magazine article.

Word count is essential for the selection of readers. For instance, some people may not like a 100,000 words long novel, such as children or students. Children will like small stories. A massive look of a novel will automatically decrease its readers.

Word Count Tool | How It Helps To Identify Word Count in Content

On the other hand, a low or average word count will be suitable for several readers. It is necessary to target your audience, understand their taste and then decide word count for your story or article.

To track the number of words in an article without any trouble, you will need a free word count tool. You can use various tools to the word count of your written content. Character count tools are widely used by the writers to count texts in the content.

Importance of a Word Count Tool

Word count is necessary to determine the success of online content. Length of a writing piece can affect everything from SEO (search engine optimization) to the actions of an audience. Your target audience must find something valuable in your writing.

Academic writing often requires you to stick to a particular word limit. You may be penalized for exceeding the limits of words in your essay. Some institutes are really strict about word count.

To avoid problems, it is important to check the words of your work before submitting it. In this situation, a word count tool is necessary for you.

Word count tool offers you surprising results. Just put your text in the designated space or upload a file, this tool will instantly count words, characters, and sentences.

This tool is mainly designed to calculate the words of a longer document in a few minutes.

How does word count tool work?

Word count tool is easy for people who have to complete online assignments. It allows you to count the number of words in a document numerically. With this free tool, you can count words and characters.

This tool is useful for professional writers who have to write a blog or an article. Manual word counting is a hectic job, so make this work easy with the word count tool.

It can quickly check even a longer document and count its words within a few seconds. The tool includes other features, such as density of keywords, length of words and number of long words. These features will help you to improve your productivity.

How do you use a word count tool?

It is simple to use this tool. Just paste your text in the box or upload a file and hit “word counting or submit” options. This effective and updates tool will give you the result within a few seconds.

You will find out the number of words in each paragraph, number of paragraphs, number of characters, keywords, longer words, etc.

Fortunately, you can use this tool with your tablet, laptop or even mobile. This tool can increase your efficiency to meet the word requirements for documents and essays without downloading any app.

This tool is absolutely free. You can use without registration and sign up. Word count tool is an ideal way to count words in your text. It will help you to focus on the quality of your text.


Inexpensive and Adventurous Trip In Rajasthan

Famous for its regional beauty and grandeur, Rajasthan is India’s most ethnic and cultural city. It is known as the land of Deserts and Dunes, grand forts, diversity, royalty and amiable culture. Moreover, the state is way more interesting in numerous ways. Don’t waste time and plan a visit to India. You can book  Cheap flight to India from the USA that will save your time and money and even maximize your profit.

The trip to India will surely be an action-packed and never forgetting experience. A visit to Rajasthan will change your mindset about the deserts and sandy regions in most positive ways.

Inexpensive and Adventurous Trip In Rajasthan

Adventures And Activities To Do In Rajasthan

There are a wide variety of adventures and activities to do in Rajasthan. Some of them are really inexpensive and Thrilling.

  1. Flying Fox Over Imperial Structures

Explore the grandeur of forts in the pretty thrilling manner. Zip Line Rides at Mehrangarh Fort or Neemrana Fort will be the most unique experience to check out the alluring beauty of historic architect and picturesque landscapes. These pocket-friendly rides are way best to experience in Rajasthan.

  1. Birdwatching At Bharatpur

This activity will definitely for the nature lovers. Birdwatching at Keoladeo National Park will allow the visitors to get a sight of beautiful birds. Migratory species From Ducks, storks, Cranes, Cormorants, Spoonbills, Quails to Teals, Sandpipers and Partridges all the variables can be seen into the park. This beautiful and spell-bound experience will make you say wow.

  1. The creepy and Spooky visit to a Haunted place

Rajasthan is popular for its beautiful but ghostly towns. There are a number of haunted spots to visit in Rajasthan. Mysterious Landscapes and Ghost towns are the other thrilling and spooky activities. Baffling historic events and stories are adding creepy nature to the places.

Bhangarh Fort also called the most haunted place in India has a disturbing past. The fort is believed to be cursed to be left destroyed for the eternity.

Other than that, Kuldhara village is also known for its mysterious activities. It is said that centuries ago, the entire population of the village was lost into the thin air. This incident can send a chill down the spine of the listeners.

  1. Ranthambore Tiger Safari

The Majestic and Royal Bengal Tiger is the talk of the tour at Ranthambore National Park. Not only the tigers, park is also a home to numerous species of animals and other wildlife creatures.

To experience a nerve chilling and thrilling adventure, one should visit Ranthambore tiger safari. During your wildlife exposure, one can come across a wide variety of birds and wild animals.

Also popular for the grand Ranthambore Fort, lakes and temples, this visit will provide you with something natural and amazing.

  1. Desert Camping in Thar

Fascinating experience during desert camping will change your mindset about deserts. You can’t even imagine the beautiful night sky and sand dunes packed with luxury, comfy beddings and Rajasthani delicacies along with the fire dancing, bonfire, folk music, puppet shows and many more.

Jaisalmer desert camping is the best way to explore the desert life. The camp packages vary from choice to choice.

  1. Sandy And Amazing Camel Safari

Desert visit is incomplete without Camel safaris. This activity is in the top list of best adventurous activities to do in Rajasthan. Camel rides cover different sights and areas depending upon your package and can be ranging from a few hours to many weeks.

It covers numerous sand dunes, villages and rural sights and eye-catching sunset sights. Pushkar, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner are the leading destinations for the sunset views. You can enjoy your rides in economy rates including meals, camping, and other services.

  1. Mount Abu

Other than deserts, sand dunes, and forts, Rajasthan is also famous for its hill station called Mount Abu. The beautiful hills and vantage points are one of the best quality of the station.

Lush green valleys and gardens, spectacular lakes and mesmerizing temples can be seen. For fabulous activities like trekking, biking, camping, nature walk and rock climbing one should definitely visit Mount Abu. Luxury and Accommodation will be provided at inexpensive rates.

These are the few mind-blowing adventure trips which one should definitely visit gear up their excitement and thrill meter.

Rajasthan is an action-packed ride which contains both sandy and hilly experience. Rajasthan is well known for its historic beauty and magnificent. From forts to haunted landscapes and towns to the beautiful valleys and sand dune camping at the most favorable rates.

Plan a visit to Rajasthan and get ready for the action-packed sojourns which will provide you trill, chill and the most beautiful and unforgotten sights and views. What are you waiting for? Just book cheap flights to India from the USA to save money and time.

Description: The land of beautiful lakes, forts and beautiful views, Rajasthan is the best place to explore during your visit to India.

From pocket-friendly accommodations to the mesmerizing sites one can get to know the royal grandeur, culture, tradition, and ethnicity of Rajasthan. Just be ready and soon book your cheap flights to India from the USA.

How To Increase The Rank of Your Blog Posts In Google Search

Blog post is important for google rankings? Write a quality blog post and they came in search too. The new blog post may be the first or 5 page of Google search anywhere. As the time passes, the rank of that blog post will remain top down in the search engine.

Maybe it comes up on the Google first page or slips from the 5 page to the twentieth page. In this way, changing your position of a new post for any kind of keyword is not new, but all of the new bloggers cannot understand this crucial game.

How to increase the rank of your blog posts

If he comes to the post-top position on the search engine, he is happy if he goes to the previous page of their website, then he is concerned about the quality of the included post (blog post quality), while the post was written perfectly after all the hard work.

Let’s take important tips to increase the Google rank of the blog post.

You can check this Matt Cutts video, you will get information about changing the websites ranking of new posts over time.

Blog Post

Effective Tips to Increase the Google Rank of a Blog Post With very fast

If you want Google to search to always update your post and get on to the first page on the Google, get here proper idea with perfectly.

Google naturally used Web Indexing System named Caffeine, allowing Google to add new posts in search. Therefore, your posts start showing in search very fast. That is, after publishing your valuable blog post, it starts appearing within a just few hours in Google search.

The reason for this is that most visitors search for new news on Google search engine. Over time, Google always keeps pages from top of pages in the search, which has good quality content.

Google believes in some necessary signals for which to show which page is to be displayed fast and to remove.

In this way, sometimes the very poorly posted posts from your post also show up in the search engine. But the only thing that must remain is that when Google indexes web pages, spam websites are not shown in Google search.

This allows people who search on Google to get perfect and relevant information.

So if your good quality blog post is falling down in search ranking then do not worry and keep up your work this time.

Google will understand this and after a while, it will bring it back to the right position that you are expecting. If you are running a good quality blog then you will find less fluctuation in Google rank.

But it is very natural to see fluctuation in rank for your new blogs and an average blogs site.

If this is happening to you, then you have to keep a few important things in mind so that the Google search rank of the blog post will get the bounce.

Blog Post’s Google Rank Maintain Tips

How to maintain the Google search rank of a blog post

Next, you will get the idea about how the Google rank of blog posts can be maintained by you. As mentioned earlier, the change in search ranking is very normal, if your blog post’s rank is low, then it will also be safe for.

1. Keyword Research Keyword Research

Keep in mind that before writing a blog post, you should know by researching the Basic Keyword and finding which targeted words your post can be read by.

Which will give your post a very opportunity to come up in search? You can use Google Keyword Planner tools,, or other keyword research tools.

In addition, you should find longer keywords (need your keywords with more than 3 words). Find minimum 5 keywords and use it in your blog post.

2. High-Quality Content

To get a good rank in all search engines, please write high-quality content by searching and low competitive Keyword.

If you did not do this work then you will not get good results for your website’s ranking. Some people write their posts just by search engine but all blog readers forget them.

If you remember blog readers about your post, then your content SEO score will be perfect. Which is easy to do?

On-page SEO Tips:

  • Include keyword in the post title
  • Place your keywords in a link to the post
  • Place the keyword on H1 tag
  • Repeat the targeted keyword several times in a post, but not more than 2%
  • You can Use LSI Keyword ( Learn more …)
  • Bold and Italic related to targeted keywords. Not only this, search engine bots, but your readers also have the ability to read posts. Search engines easily understand the keywords of the bots post.
  • You have to write at least 300 words for your blog post but a 1000 word blog post is considered great and it can give you the better result. Long post always ranks easily in search engines.
  • In a blog post, its quality increases using the quality image, video etc.
  • Use keywords in your Search Description
  • Reduce Page Load Time Google pays less attention to websites that are very slow.
  • Make AMP version of your blog post, WordPress users can do this with the help of an updated plugin.
  • Use rich snippets for posts with e-commerce product reviews and recipes.

Before writing your blog post, read the Top 10 pages from Google Search and that already ranked, try to create a high-quality content from them.

Always pay attention to blog’s Niche otherwise, over time; blog post will lag behind the blog posts that work on your Niche.

3. Social Media Sharing

social media

Sharing and social bookmarking are very important to increase your Google rank. Your blog must have all social media sharing and bookmarking buttons.

These buttons can be installed on both Blogger and WordPress. Not just new blog posts, but old posts should also be shared on big social media – like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus etc.

This post shares and re-shares and social signals are ready for Google search very fast.

4. Backlink Building

It’s very important for you, You should continue building links for your targeted blog posts. You do not have to do spamming for link creation. Link to keywords in the middle of your post by posting a guest on your Niche related blogs.

Tack care about Your guest post should also be related to the same keywords as you want to backlink. If your keyword is “best golf putter” then your post should be “best golf putters reviews”.

This will give Google bots more importance to your link and you will get full benefits of your backlinks. If you did not get a link from the keyword “best golf putter” then try to get a backlink from a similar keyword like “best golf putter “. Your Guest post should be done on your blog from a good blog like high authority.

  • Backlink Building Is It?

5. Write more related posts about your topic. Cover Related Topics

Write a post on every aspect related to a topic. If you are writing a post on “best golf putters” then you can make a post on topics for example “how can use golf putter”, “top 10 golf putters”, etc.

Since users search related articles on your topic, Google will get the signal that you are writing them all. You can get Long tail keywords using Long Tail Pro and HitTail.

If you do just that, then your blog post will see lower ups and downs in the Google search ranking. From now on, do your works well without any hesitation about keyword ranking, and take care of the above-mentioned things.

Once Google grows up your blog and blog posts, the rank will increase.

How To Shoot a Compound Bow More Accurately | Top Resources

Do you have any idea about a how to shoot a compound bow more accurately? We are ready to share here about this topic with details. Most of the time shooting your compound bow can be as very simple picking up your targeted bow.

Drawing any string with a good arrow, and you are releasing, if you think of it then you are wrong.
It takes a world of details knowledge and proper practice to learn how to perfectly shoot your compound bow.

You are very surprised that here we are going to discuss the details for you about compound bow shooting. it will be more helpful for your shoot that you need to succeed in your expedition.

how to shoot a compound bow more accurately

Preparing the Bow | How To Shoot a Compound Bow More Accurately

You have to use a high-quality compound bow that is not worn or heavily used. Make a good shape and you have to maintain properly. if you are not able to choose good product so you will not get proper success here.

Should be aware of how many draws good pressure your targeted bow can handle your working moment. It’s better for you, you can be used your compound bow that already used before, and easy to use.

Ideally, you have to learn how to shoot your compound bow from any people that have no proper idea about this work with successfully shooting such a bow.

Proper Stance

Keep in your mind that you have to get the idea about your face the targeted at about 45-degree angle. Feet should be parallel to one another and about 17-25 inches apart.

Your toes should be directly and perfectly facing the target. If you use any moment such a stance you will have a very easier time drawing the bow and you will have a better chance of proper hitting your target dead-on.


It’s really very necessary equipment for your hunting like as hunting lights hunting rifle etc. You can use a firm but follow this relaxed your grip your hunting bow holding hand. If you will make your grips tight on your bow then you won’t have as perfect on your shooting plan.

How To Shoot a Compound Bow More Accurately

You have to try using a wrist sling if you are unable to master the art of a firm yet proper comfortable your grip.

Obviously don’t be ashamed because the main point is finally accuracy and whatever you can do this time to attain the shot is fine.

Never, follow this step now and I repeat NEVER, shoot with an open your hand.

You don’t ever want to grab the bow with your drawing hand during a shot – this is must be undoubtedly the worst mistake you can make when prepare shooting a compound bow because it can lead to more fatal errors.


When you draw your string you have to follow your string hand against your face. Is the pint knows as your “anchor” position?

It will be on your right side of your face and can be versa if you are ready left-handed. You will get the best level archery properly by your anchoring the string at your mounts corner. Or it will be under your chin.


You need to extend bow arm perfectly toward the target with your string gripped firmly between your fingers or by properly using a mechanical release device. Point your bow at the final target and pull the string very smoothly and firmly.

Extend the bow all the process, pull the string back to its maximum point of a full draw, and resist the urge to move your compound bow forward this time.

Make sure now that you use a good hunting bow that is very suited for you because a bow with a draw that is much heavy will destroy your accuracy for working time.


If you are always using a bow that is perfectly equipped with your sight your aiming can be very easier. But now it still will not be perfect. Remember it that Bow sights are good for always average shooters. Especially if a laser sight is included here.

The best and expert archers usually aim very slightly above the target so they can aim while still and proper looking directly at the target for working time. Because these tasks are done very accurately


Your release can determine whether or not you’re shot hits that you have marked. You have to proper idea about smooth release need to relax about your all fingers perfectly before releasing the string to this shot.

Even the slightest amount of your all finger tension can disrupt your working aim.

If you complete your mechanical release aid so it can be very easier for you because you need to do is draw, aim, and need to pull your release trigger for a compound bow.

Naturally, this mechanism can fail you, anyways if you slap your trigger then can be arrow will go destroy.


Just like as golf, the follow-through is very necessary for archery. Why? Arrow has already been released, right? You have to keep aiming until your good arrow hits the target.

You have to visit your arrow hitting the target while you are properly holding your targeted bow. Never lower bow after your arrow has been released. Stay in formation and hold the position until the arrow hits the target.


Become an expert about shooting your compound bow then you need to more practice. And need to perfect practice. Keep in mind that practice should be perfect and more perfect.

Because your proper practicing something the wrong way will get nowhere. When the target of your choice is out of any season then you shouldn’t lay back and watch TV until it’s time to hunt again for success.

Set up targets and keep your compound bow in hands as much as you can.


After following the proper step about how to shoot a compound bow more accurately, you will not get an excuse for the expert shooter.

From selecting the right instrument to shooting perfectly there is an equation to properly shooting your compound bow.

Do you have any essential tips and tricks for the compound bow? You can share always, we love to learn more thing from any place.