Artificial Intelligence Technology in Education Industry

If there is one factor which is permanent in the world, it is changing. In the good olden times, scientific innovations happened every century. Then, with the growing popularity of computers, it changed every decade. With the internet and mobiles, now technological improvements take place every year.

The entire world has gone digital, and the recent buzzwords are modern learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. Mention the word ‘artificial intelligence’ and this new technology has invaded every industry sector such as travel, health, education, and communication. But the best benefits have come in the global education system. In this article of Artificial Intelligence technology in the Education industry, we will focus on the benefits one by one.

  1. Changes Brought in Education by Artificial Intelligence

The major changes have come in administration, giving grades in learning assignments and assessments. Yes, the changes have happened. When a recent scientific innovation gets combined with existing learning processes, then the education systems will definitely go through revolutionary changes. But the growth is still in its nascent stage.

What are the changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence Technology in Education Industry?

An AI software application can help the teachers/educators in giving grades to students. It can evaluate the students test paper, check if every student has done mistakes on a specific topic and give an alert to the teacher. So, this action allows the difficult topic to get revised.

  1. Augmented Reality

Let us imagine a situation. A history topic is going on in the classroom, and the teacher explains the popularity of the Vijayanagara kingdom. When it comes to architecture, the students by using augmented reality can take a perfect view of temples and other historical places with practical knowledge.

Imagine the advantages a civil engineering student can have. He/she can put on the tool and get to know the measurements in an easy way.

  1. Learning

In recent times, you have to keep in tandem with the industry to get regular updates. So there are many executives who study via virtual learning in their spare time. Let us take a case study. You

work in a company specializing in in-home care services in Hyderabad. As an MBA graduate, you want to move high the career ladder. So you enroll in a reputed international university to do a Masters in Digital Marketing. You are given an online platform and have a tutor who takes classes. Any doubts, you have to enter in the forum. The answers will come to your email.

Now, a chatbot may give the answers to your simple queries. This is a perfect example of artificial intelligence technology in the education industry. The spare time, the tutor may spend in making the course more easy for the students.

  1. Individual Attention

There are some challenges in the education system. A student has to score the minimum marks in all subjects to move to the next class. But not all children are the same. One may be proficient in history but weak in mathematics. It is not that the specific student is weak in mathematics, but he has to know the concepts in a simple way.

Now, the teacher already overloaded with the number of students in the class has to take care of grades for the entire class. There are other tasks to do such as checking the assignments and many more. In this situation, the AI tool takes care of the assignment. There is also a special AI tool, which can break a mathematical problem into simple steps. Now, the same student can understand the concept with ease and score a high mark even in mathematics.

5. In Remote Regions

There are some places in India where it is difficult to find the best quality education institutes. The students from the region can, however, download the tutoring apps and then get to know the recent updates.

These apps use AI technology to give support as well information. This new innovative method has replaced the dependency of students on their teachers, parents, and institutes for guidance.


With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence technology in the education industry, scientists are on the lookout for identifying more possibilities to take advantage of the best benefits.

Machine learning and deep learning algorithms can make the best easy study techniques for complex topics in various subjects.

In recent times, every child has a laptop in the home. Two decades from now, every child may have an AI tool to help in learning subjects.

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